The Oregon Legislature passed a bill this year that aims to help pharmacists overcome challenges they face in dealing with pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), although the organization that represents them believes more can be done.     PBMs act as middle men, performing the administrative transaction of processing prescription claims between insurers and pharmacies. Pharmacists … Read more

A bill that aims to save Floridians money on prescription drugs by regulating pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) business practices was approved by a Senate committee on Monday.     The Senate Committee on Health Policy unanimously passed Senate Bill 1550, which would mandate several requirements from PBMs. The bill falls in line with Gov. Ron … Read more

The California Medical Association (CMA) is urging physicians to contact their legislators and ask for a “no” vote on Assembly Bill 1751, saying the bill would place unnecessary burdens on physicians prescribing pain management. AB 1751 is sponsored by the California Chiropractic Association (CalChiro) and would require physicians to share information on and provide referrals … Read more

Social determinants of health have a significant influence on the overall health of Washingtonians, and several health care organizations are working on projects that aim to improve the effects they can have on residents.     Alison Poulsen, Leah Becknell, Allison Krutsinger, and Robert DeGregorio discussed some of those projects during the “Innovative approaches for … Read more

Several more noteworthy bills have been prefiled ahead of the Jan. 10 start date of the Arizona Legislature for the 2022 session. Sen. Kelly Townsend (R – Mesa) prefiled Senate Bills 1014 and 1016 on Dec. 3. The former concerns ambulance services in rural areas, while the latter has to do with refusal prohibitions for … Read more