A recent University of Utah survey found that close to half of Americans knowingly misrepresented their COVID-19 status and/or did not comply with public health measures during the height of the pandemic.     In the online survey, 41% of 1,733 surveyed adults reported misrepresentation or nonadherence for at least 1 of 9 behaviors, with … Read more

On July 30th, 2020, as hospitalizations from COVID-19 were hitting new peaks across the country, Memorial Hermann Health System initiated a pilot virtual nursing program at 3 of its hospitals in Texas during its COVID-19 hospitalization surge.     ICUs at Memorial Hermann have large windows that allow nurses to monitor and check-in on patients … Read more

More than 2,700 people in the US prison system have died from COVID-19, and one out of every three incarcerated individuals have been infected since the pandemic began.  In a report released by the Prison Policy Initiative, Maryland received a “D-” (62%) for its response to COVID-19 in prisons, an improvement from the “F+” the … Read more