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Deadline Extended for State Exchanges

DJ Wilson | Nov 9, 2012

Today, November 9, the Obama administration gave states an extra month to submit plans to set up state-based health insurance exchanges, pushing the deadline back from Nov. 16 to Dec. 14. Kaiser Health News calls this: “A concession to the reality that many states had delayed planning as they waited...[ Read More ]

Looking At States To Predict The Future Of The ACA

DJ Wilson | Jul 24, 2012

Whether or not Obama or Romney wins the upcoming presidential election in November, we’re betting the ACA is here to stay.  “Repeal” has been a popular rally cry for the conservative base, but reality sits with a Senate currently controlled by Democrats. Even if the Republicans pick up the Senate,...[ Read More ]

Preliminary Injunction Against Rob McKenna Is Denied By The Court

Jane Chemodanova | May 31, 2012 | Washington

What If? Primary Care Practice and the ACA

DJ Wilson | May 21, 2012

State of Reform is proud to launch, in collaboration with the Univ of Washington School of Public Health – Health Policy Center Initiative , a series titled “What If: A Post-Supreme Court World.”  This is the sixth piece in a series of contributions hosted on our news site, by a range of authors,...[ Read More ]

107 People Across The Country Charged With Medicare Billing Fraud

Jane Chemodanova | May 4, 2012

According to the Everett Herald article “Medicare Crackdown” published on Thursday, May 3rd, 107 medical professionals, primarily doctors, nurses and social workers, were “accused of fraudulently billing Medicare nearly half a billion dollars.” On Wednesday, 87 defendants were arrested, with another 20 either expected to surrender or being in search...[ Read More ]

A Comment On Outside Money In The WA Governor's Race

DJ Wilson | Apr 4, 2012 | Washington

    With the legislative session winding down, and today's headlines about government reform challenges, it's easy to think that the primary issues of the 2012 gubernatorial campaign will be about revenue, expenditures and the changing role of government.  And, to a degree, that is the case.If you're Rob McKenna,...[ Read More ]