Last month, CMS issued a proposed update to the hospice wage index that would impose base pay reductions on hospice care providers who fail to meet Medicare reporting requirements intended to increase transparency. Under the proposed rule, CMS would analyze hospice care utilization, including Medicare spending, services outside of the hospice benefit, and claims data, … Read more

With the 2022 enrollment period set to begin next week, Utah Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Part D prescription drug plans will offer added benefits and lower costs for enrollees in 2023.      The Inflation Reduction Act limits monthly out-of-pocket insulin copays to $35 for Medicare enrollees and provides free vaccinations for shots approved … Read more

Health care advocates in Colorado are lauding the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act for its provisions to lower health care costs for Coloradans.      Speaking at a press event after the US Senate passed the legislation last week, the state’s Democratic US Senators Michael Bennetand John Hickenlooper both spoke to the legislation’s impact … Read more

President Biden signed a sweeping $750 billion health care, tax, and climate bill on Tuesday. The move comes after Congress passed the Inflation Reduction Act last week through reconciliation, with vote counts of 220-207 in the House and 51-50 in the Senate—an even split along party lines that was decided by Vice President Kamala Harris’s … Read more