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Medicaid enrollment increases through August 2020

Haley Donwerth | Sep 8, 2020 | Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Utah

Out of 39 total states reporting, Families USA said Utah has one of the highest percentage increases of Medicaid enrollments since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Utah saw a 13.7% increase in Medicaid enrollees from February 2020 to July 2020 - the second largest increase behind Kentucky’s 14.3% increase.    ...[ Read More ]

28% of Arizona residents enrolled in Medicaid

Haley Donwerth | Aug 24, 2020 | Arizona

Arizona reached over 2 million people enrolled in Medicaid in July 2020, with 211,202 newly approved applications since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March.     Heidi Capriotti, public information officer for Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS), said this is a direct result of AHCCCS stopping their dis-enrollment...[ Read More ]

Q & A with Jeff Heatherington | CCOs straining from Medicaid surge | Who's driving the bus at Cover Oregon?

| Apr 15, 2014 | Oregon

The downside of this time of transition in health care is that sometimes the margin for error is painfully small.  Sometimes, getting to success is an iterative - and ugly - process.     Like politics and sausage making, watching how successful health care delivery and financing comes together can sometimes...[ Read More ]