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MHA seeks limited public health emergency declaration

| Dec 29, 2021 | Maryland

Maryland hospitals are nearly full, and emergency departments are stretched incredibly thin. Hospitals are seeing a spike in COVID-19 cases and have fewer clinicians ready to care for all patients. The statewide number of COVID inpatients at Maryland hospitals is now more than 2,000—surpassing the previous all-time high of 1,952...[ Read More ]

COVID hospitalizations in Maryland triple, spurring Governor’s response

| Dec 23, 2021 | Maryland

A post-Thanksgiving surge in COVID-19 cases—driven in part by the Omicron variant—are pushing hospitalizations in Maryland back up to levels similar to early 2020 and last winter’s surge. Current hospitalizations exceeded 1,500 this week, more than tripling the numbers in one month and surpassing those during the initial Delta variant...[ Read More ]

Maryland hospitals urge lawmakers to address financial strain

| Dec 21, 2021 | Maryland

Early on in the pandemic, Maryland’s hospitals were financially sound, according to the Maryland Hospital Association (MHA) Chief External Affairs Officer Nicole Dempsey Stallings. Maryland’s unique All-Payer Model, which determines an evenly-distributed, fixed budget for the state’s hospitals each year, acted as a “shock absorber” that helped stabilize both a...[ Read More ]

Maryland to potentially expand home-based hospital care services

| Oct 27, 2021 | Maryland

A home-based health care program could soon be incorporated into the Maryland All-Payer Model, with a goal of reducing unnecessary expenditures on hospital services. The Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC), which helps promote strategies to increase health care affordability in the state, convened last week to discuss the program’s implementation....[ Read More ]