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Creating a disaster-proof hospital

| Nov 22, 2016 | Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Texas, Washington

Treating Zika not an easy fix

| Sep 7, 2016 | Texas

There is a dual track of news about Zika emerging: the challenge of a shortage of treatments and vaccines to address the disease even as public health awareness and concerns are growing. One example of the concern is concentrations of mosquitoes that can carry Zika are ample in central Texas:...[ Read More ]

Louisiana Medicaid expansion indicates big coverage gains

| Sep 2, 2016

Medicaid expansion might still be controversial in some circles, with 19 states not participating in the program, but the impacts for health care coverage appear significant as expansion is implemented in Louisiana. A troublingly high 20% of the state's population was without health care coverage prior to Medicaid expansion. That metric...[ Read More ]

Zika getting more serious for the Gulf Coast - updated

| Aug 30, 2016 | Texas

The months long percolating story of Zika coming north from South and Central America is about to get real for the Gulf Coast as a public health issue to watch. Homegrown cases of the virus are spreading in south Florida, prompting theme parks in central Florida to begin offering free mosquito repellent...[ Read More ]

One Blue plan says where it spends premiums

| Aug 25, 2016

There is a lot of attention now on the financial stability of health insurers in the individual market following Aetna's announcement about pulling back from individual coverage in eleven states.  Skeptics sometimes doubt whether financial losses cited in such news are truly the case. And the relative lack of transparency in health...[ Read More ]