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Salt Lake City, Utah, April 26, 2023

Lunch Keynote: Health policy in the Texas Legislature

| Apr 11, 2022 | Texas

Two high-profile leaders in health policymaking took the stage for the Lunch Keynote of our recent 2022 Texas State of Reform Health Policy Conference. Rep. Chris Turner, Chair of the House Democratic Caucus, and Rep. James Frank, Chair of the House Human Services Committee, discussed the policy to come out...[ Read More ]

Lunch Keynote: Lessons learned from CalAIM

| Apr 1, 2022 | California

The Lunch Keynote at last month's 2022 Northern California State of Reform Health Policy Conference, title "Lessons learned from CalAIM," featured Les Ybarra, President of California Medicaid at Anthem, Martha Santana-Chin, Medi-Cal President at Health Net, Kristen Cerf, CEO of BlueShield of California Promise Health Plan, and Kelly Bennett, CEO...[ Read More ]

Keynote: A conversation with Cara Christ, MD

| Jun 3, 2021 | Arizona

At the 2021 Arizona State of Reform Health Policy Conference, Dr. Cara Christ, director of the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS), provided insight into the state’s response to COVID over the past 12 months, and looked ahead to the “new normal” as we hope to begin to put the...[ Read More ]

Keynote: A conversation with US Senator Debbie Stabenow

| Jun 1, 2021 | Michigan

At the 2021 Michigan State of Reform Health Policy Conference, US Senator Debbie Stabenow discussed the challenge of a divided Senate, efforts to improve the quality of behavioral health care in the US and the potential for federal Medicare expansion.       Stabenow started off our Afternoon Keynote by discussing...[ Read More ]

Video: one-on-one conversations with Asm. Jim Wood and Blue Shield's Kimberley Goode

| Apr 27, 2021 | California

Assemblymember Jim Wood, chair of the California Assembly Committee on Health, and Kimberley Goode, SVP of External Affairs for Blue Shield of California, joined us for our morning keynote at last week’s 2021 Northern California State of Reform Health Policy Conference. The two panelists participated in one-on-one conversations with State...[ Read More ]

Video: Utah Insurance Commissioner Jon Pike discusses UDOI's work

| Apr 21, 2021 | Utah

As the final speaker at the 2021 Utah State of Reform Health Policy Conference’s afternoon Keynote, Commissioner Pike described the “whirlwind” that has been the first 100 days of the Cox Administration. He praised the governor’s work so far. He explained how the Department of Insurance (DOI) was very active...[ Read More ]