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5 Things Utah: FY '21 budget, Topical Agenda, Mental health

| Jun 17, 2020 | Utah

We have a number of things we think are worth watching this month if you're a health care or health policy leader - from the FY 21 budget to the topic of Black leadership in US health care. Hopefully you'll find some good nuggets of information, analysis and context that...[ Read More ]

5 Things Colorado: Rep. Matt Soper, Mental health, Vincent Atchity

| Jun 11, 2020 | Colorado

I want to feature a virtual conversation we're hosting on race and health care, which you'll see in item 5 below. Now is a time to be reflective about our biases, the benefits or detriments of our skin color, and how we can foster conversations that will have a measurable and...[ Read More ]