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The Latest From The Supreme Court

DJ Wilson | Jun 25, 2012

A Comment On Outside Money In The WA Governor's Race

DJ Wilson | Apr 4, 2012 | Washington

    With the legislative session winding down, and today's headlines about government reform challenges, it's easy to think that the primary issues of the 2012 gubernatorial campaign will be about revenue, expenditures and the changing role of government.  And, to a degree, that is the case.If you're Rob McKenna,...[ Read More ]

Day 2 Of Supreme Court Done; Only Two Judges In Play

DJ Wilson | Mar 27, 2012

The WSJ sums up today's oral arguments below, with a great list of Tweets from folks following the appeal here. It was a typical Supreme Court argument – although the stakes are anything but typical – in that the justices asked tough questions of both sides. Seven justices' votes seem...[ Read More ]

Great Live Blogging At The WSJ

DJ Wilson | Mar 27, 2012

Since you're probably looking for a place to follow the Supreme Court coverage as closely as we are, we can tell you, we've identified most of the best outlets.  For our money, we're following the WSJ live blogging of the event from multiple reporters in the courtroom.  Good insight and...[ Read More ]

Supreme Court Begins Hearing Constitutionality Arguments on Health Care Law

DJ Wilson | Mar 26, 2012

Today, March 26, the Supreme Court began what is to be 3 days of hearings aimed at deciding whether or not the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) is constitutional.  Today’s hearings consisted of arguments from Robert Long, an attorney appointed by the Supreme Court, who made the case...[ Read More ]