With numerous incarcerated individuals in Arizona prisons and jails living with a chronic or serious health condition, the state is assisting their transitions out of the carceral setting by connecting them with health and social services.  David Crutchfield, MD, medical director of Maricopa County Correctional Health Services, spoke at the 2023 Arizona State of Reform … Read more

At the 2023 Southern California State of Reform Health Policy Conference, a handful of health leaders met to discuss the status of healthcare coverage for the justice-involved population. This year, California became the first state in the nation to offer Medicaid coverage to incarcerated individuals for up to 90 days prior to release.  Autumn Boylan, … Read more

Health Management Associates (HMA) hosted a webinar to discuss opportunities to build programs for justice-involved individuals and Medicaid initiatives on Thursday. Several HMA experts identified ways to improve services for those who are leaving or entering incarceration. On Jan. 26th, CMS approved California’s proposal to cover certain healthcare service costs for individuals who are incarcerated. … Read more

On Thursday, California became the first state in the country to offer a targeted set of Medicaid services to youth and adults in state prisons, county jails, and youth correctional facilities for up to 90 days prior to release. Prior to this announcement, services were generally available after release from incarceration.  California’s Department of Health … Read more

House bills concerning nutritional assistance for formerly incarcerated individuals and outpatient treatment center licensure exemptions recently crossed over into the Senate Health Committee for discussion, and ultimately passed.     House Bill 2060, sponsored by Rep. Walter Blackman (R–Snowflake), would repeal outlined SNAP eligibility criteria for individuals convicted of a controlled substance-related felony, and qualify … Read more