A recent 11-state CDC study estimates that autism spectrum disorder affects one in 40 eight-year-old children in Utah, lower than the study’s overall average across all surveyed states (one in 36).      Utah had among the highest number of children who were suspected of having autism but had not yet been diagnosed, but the … Read more

With the Utah Legislature scheduled to begin its 2023 general session next Tuesday, multiple bills related to behavioral healthcare—both its workforce and its provision—have been filed ahead of the assembly.     The Health and Human Services Interim Committee approved several measures that address crisis response and the mental health support for first responders. House … Read more

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday! This month’s “5 Things We’re Watching” in Utah explores some of the teed-up legislation for Utah’s upcoming 2023 legislative session, insight from the Huntsman Mental Health Institute’s Mark Rapaport about mental stigma in Utah, and a county public health leader’s reflection on successful COVID response strategies. Thanks, as … Read more

In this edition of “What They’re Watching,” Mark Rapaport, CEO of the University of Utah’s Huntsman Mental Health Institute (HMHI), says tackling the stigma around mental health and the “ignorance and the prejudice” that comes along with it is important.     According to HMHI, this stigma can take 3 general forms: widely held public … Read more

  Kristi Kleinschmit provides clinical services for children and adolescents at the University of Utah Huntsman Mental Health Institute. She is a consulting psychiatrist to primary care providers across the state of Utah through the CALL-UP psychiatric consultation line.  She acts as Vice Chair of Education for the Huntsman Mental Health Institute (HMHI)/University of Utah … Read more

The Huntsman Mental Health Institute at the University of Utah (HMHI) reported a 36% increase in daily average calls to its Utah Crisis Line in the first week after 988 launched (July 16-July 23).     Utah joined the rest of the country on July 16th in operationalizing the 988 suicide and crisis prevention lifeline, … Read more

William Smith, Ph.D., recognized nationally for his research on racial battle fatigue, has been appointed Chief Executive Administrator for Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) at Huntsman Mental Health Institute (HMHI) at the University of Utah.      “Dr. Smith has been instrumental in deepening our country’s understanding of the mental health toll of racism and will … Read more

The Huntsman Mental Health Institute (HMHI) at the University of Utah announced the launch of a nationwide “Grand Challenge” collaborative on Monday to combat mental health and substance use disorder stigma. Mark Rapaport, M.D, CEO of HMHI, recently discussed this collaborative at our 2022 Utah State of Reform Health Policy Conference in a panel discussion … Read more

Yesterday, during a meeting of the Executive Appropriations Committee of the Utah State Legislature, lawmakers unanimously approved $90 million in funding for the Utah Translational Research Building at the University of Utah Huntsman Mental Health Institute. “The Utah Translational Research Building is an incredible win for the people of Utah,” said Taylor Randall, Ph.D., President, … Read more