Florida lawmakers decriminalized fentanyl test strips during this year’s legislative session, which should help the state reduce opioid overdoses.     Sen. Tina Polsky’s (D-Boca Raton) Senate Bill 164 passed both chambers of the legislature unanimously, and was recently signed into law by Gov. Ron DeSantis. It legalizes fentanyl test strips, which were previously illegal … Read more

University of Washington (UW) researchers recently interviewed individuals who use fentanyl in an attempt to gather insight to help address the public health crisis spurred by the drug. Opioid overdose deaths in Washington continue to rise and are primarily driven by unregulated fentanyl. The opioid overdose death rate in the state more than doubled from … Read more

Bills that would legalize fentanyl test strips and make them available for use in Hawaii have garnered some support in the state’s legislature.     Members of the House Committee on Judiciary and Hawaiian Affairs discussed House Bill 573 during a meeting on Friday. HB 573 would exclude fentanyl test strips from the definition of … Read more

Health and law enforcement officials discussed the severity of Alaska’s drug problem, and how difficult it is to get those addicted to seek treatment, during a meeting Wednesday.     The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services’ Division of Public Health hosted Seth McMillan for an update on the state’s street drug problems during … Read more