Washington State Department of Health (DOH) officials are working on initiatives to ensure the health and safety of residents in case a heat wave is on the horizon.     The state experienced an unprecedented heat wave from June 26th to July 2nd last year that caused 157 deaths along with many heat-related injuries. The … Read more

Oregon’s unprecedented heat waves over the summer left many vulnerable Oregonians unable to reach necessary services. Part of the problem, says CareOregon, is due to incomplete data on Medicaid and Medicare members and potential members. This lack of data makes it difficult to track down their members, respond to their needs, and provide advisories in … Read more

In recent weeks, the city of Denver has consistently experienced temperatures over 100 degrees as part of this summer’s record-breaking heat waves. For the city’s homeless population, this extreme heat is life-threatening, according to a recent article from the Colorado Health Institute (CHI). As the country’s third most intense “urban heat island,” the city of … Read more