In December, the Texas Hospital Association (THA) and Texas Nurses Association (TNA) released a Workplace Violence Prevention Toolkit, which is meant to help healthcare facilities protect their workers. The toolkit outlines four different types of violence in the healthcare setting: patient-on-worker violence, worker-on-worker violence, personal relationship violence (where the perpetrator has a relationship with their … Read more

Healthcare experts and stakeholders discussed the workforce shortage, burnout, and ways to address it at the 2023 Tennessee State of Reform Conference in November. The Tennessee Hospital Association (THA) predicts that by 2035, the state will have a shortage of over 15,000 healthcare workers. Registered nursing is expected to have the largest shortage. Simone Stewart, … Read more

On March 8th, Gov. JB Pritzker, state officials, and local partners announced the launch of a new Behavioral Health Workforce Education Center. The center is designed to help increase Illinois’s capacity to recruit, educate, and retain behavioral health professionals.     “We are laying out a plan to build the best behavioral health system in … Read more

On Wednesday, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed House Bill 4016, a supplemental appropriations bill that allocates $1.3 billion gross funds and $828.6 million in general funds to address key health-related issues.     HB 4016 provides funding for water services, nursing grants, and strategies to address Michigan’s healthcare workforce shortage. “I’m proud to sign this bipartisan … Read more

In 2021, the Utah Legislature passed Senate Bill 63, an amendment to the state’s Medicaid HCBS (1915) waiver that provides temporary financial support for family caregivers.      The legislation was in response to the unprecedented number of licensed caregivers who left the profession during the pandemic and forced family members to fill their roles.  … Read more