The Alaska Legislature passed a bill that aims to extend contraceptive insurance coverage to 12 months in the state.  House Bill 17—sponsored by Rep. Ashley Carrick (D-Fairbanks)—passed in the House in March, and was approved by the Senate Thursday. It now awaits the governor’s signature for implementation. HB 17 cosponsor Sen. Lӧki Tobin (D-Anchorage) said … Read more

Utah wrapped up its post-pandemic Medicaid redeterminations in April. Net Medicaid enrollment declined by 184,400 since the unwinding began, representing a 35.3 percent drop, according to KFF. Healthcare coverage experts discussed the outcomes of the unwinding and how it could affect the future of the coverage landscape at the 2024 Utah State of Reform Health … Read more

In its ongoing redetermination of Medicaid eligibility, Minnesota is reevaluating eligibility for a record high of 1.5 million enrollees on Medical Assistance, Minnesota’s Medicaid program, and MinnesotaCare, Minnesota’s basic health program. Ineligible individuals began to lose coverage in July, and the last cohort will undergo eligibility redeterminations in July of 2024.  As of Nov. 14th, … Read more

The rising costs of healthcare services are a heavy burden for many Washingtonians, but lowering those costs is a complicated issue. Experts identified some causes for high costs, as well as some solutions that could provide some relief during the “Efforts to ensure transparency & promote affordability” panel at Thursday’s 2023 Washington State of Reform … Read more