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Florida’s Senate Committee on Health Policy discusses upcoming Medicaid redeterminations

| Jan 26, 2023 | Florida

Florida’s Senate Committee on Health Policy met earlier this week to discuss Medicaid redeterminations, which will take place starting in April. The committee also discussed the procurement process for Medicaid managed care plans since the current contracts expire on December 31st of 2024. In Florida, Medicaid serves more than 5.5...[ Read More ]

Florida House Health & Human Services Committee chair talks key focus areas for 2023-24 legislative session

| Jan 13, 2023 | Florida

Florida state Representative Randy Fine (R-Brevard) has been appointed chair of the House Health & Human Services Committee. Fine is a Harvard graduate and a former gambling industry expert, who will spend the next two years reviewing legislation relating to healthcare and human services. While Fine said he doesn’t have...[ Read More ]

5 Things Utah: Upcoming 2023 legislation, Mark Rapaport on mental health stigma, Summit County's COVID response

| Dec 1, 2022 | Utah

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday! This month's "5 Things We're Watching" in Utah explores some of the teed-up legislation for Utah's upcoming 2023 legislative session, insight from the Huntsman Mental Health Institute's Mark Rapaport about mental stigma in Utah, and a county public health leader's reflection on successful...[ Read More ]