At the Arizona House’s Health and Human Services Committee meeting on Monday, members passed Senate Bill 1221, which allows hospitals to request assistance from a criminal justice agency to figure out the identity of unidentified patients. The bill, which has already passed in the Senate, passed through the committee by a vote of six to … Read more

On March 13th, the Arizona House Health and Human Services Committee passed a Senate bill that would require employers to provide reasonable accommodations to employees who complete religious exemption forms to opt-out of receiving vaccines, including COVID-19, influenza, or any vaccine authorized for emergency use under the US Food and Drug Administration. Senate Bill 1250 … Read more

At the Arizona House Health and Human Services Committee Meeting on Monday, a Senate bill relating to opioid container labels narrowly passed. Senate Bill 1254 would repeal the requirement that prescription opioid containers directly dispensed from pharmacies have a red cap. Rep. Amish Shah (D – Gilbert) drafted a three-line amendment to the proposed bill, … Read more

The Arizona House’s Health & Human Services Committee met on Monday and passed a handful of bills, and while several were passed unanimously, others received greater pushback. House Bill 2470 would provide Medicaid coverage of rapid genome sequencing as a separate payable service for members who meet certain criteria. This bill would address access to … Read more

Florida’s Senate Committee on Health Policy met earlier this week to discuss Medicaid redeterminations, which will take place starting in April. The committee also discussed the procurement process for Medicaid managed care plans since the current contracts expire on December 31st of 2024. In Florida, Medicaid serves more than 5.5 million individuals, with about 25% … Read more

Florida state Representative Randy Fine (R-Brevard) has been appointed chair of the House Health & Human Services Committee. Fine is a Harvard graduate and a former gambling industry expert, who will spend the next two years reviewing legislation relating to healthcare and human services. While Fine said he doesn’t have much of a legislative background, … Read more

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday! This month’s “5 Things We’re Watching” in Utah explores some of the teed-up legislation for Utah’s upcoming 2023 legislative session, insight from the Huntsman Mental Health Institute’s Mark Rapaport about mental stigma in Utah, and a county public health leader’s reflection on successful COVID response strategies. Thanks, as … Read more