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5 Things Alaska: Health legislation, State budget, DHSS split

| Jan 20, 2021 | Alaska

We are now on the other side of the 45th peaceful transfer of power since our Constitution was ratified in 1789. It is one of the most uncommon things in the great swath of human history, having hardly been done without swords or battles of some sort. Here, in America,...[ Read More ]

5 Things Washington: Coronavirus, Presidential Primary, Cascade Care RFA

| Mar 10, 2020 | Washington

It's one thing to know that 2/3rds of the economic damage of a pandemic like COVID-19 is a consequence of fear, with only 1/3rd from the virus itself. It's another thing to not get scared and buy into the hype. For example, the generally slow-to-radicalize American Hospital Association said Friday...[ Read More ]

5 Things Hawaii: Coronavirus, Gun legislation, Cheryl Vasconcellos

| Mar 9, 2020 | Hawaii

With the mainland starting to become gripped with coronavirus fear, we find ourselves caught somewhere between glued to Twitter and floating among Dept. of Health sites across the country. Read this link to understand the math of the virus's growth, but read this to understand why math works differently in epidemiology. The first global pandemic...[ Read More ]

5 Things Washington: Sen. David Frockt, Nichole Maher, Bills to watch

| Jan 15, 2020 | Washington

Last week's conference in Seattle was a big one, and candidly, such an honor to host. Thank you for letting us play this unique role in Washington State health care.  If you weren't one of the almost 900 folks in the room last week, take a look at what you...[ Read More ]

GCDSE Advocacy Report highlights legislative actions impacting Trust beneficiaries

Emily Boerger | Jun 26, 2019 | Alaska

The Alaska Governor’s Council on Disabilities & Special Education (GCDSE) recently released its “Preliminary Joint Advocacy Report” on the 2019 legislative session. The report highlights actions taken during the 2019 regular session and first special session that impact Trust beneficiaries – Alaskans with mental illness, developmental disabilities, chronic alcoholism, Alzheimer’s...[ Read More ]