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Q&A: Medicaid director Jacey Cooper says new Medi-Cal expansions are a 'huge win' for California

| Jul 29, 2021 | California

Jacey Cooper has served as California’s Medicaid director since January 2020. She previously worked as the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) senior advisor of health care programs and assistant deputy director of health care delivery systems, and has also held leadership positions at Meridian Healthcare Partners, Kern Medical Center,...[ Read More ]

5 Things Arizona: Christ's departure, Banner vaccine mandate, COVID response RFP

| Jul 29, 2021 | Arizona

Thanks to my team for holding things together during some much needed vacation for me and my family. Emily Boerger, our managing editor, leads a team of folks covering Arizona health policy who all filled in ably. You'll see many of their bylines mentioned or linked to in this month's...[ Read More ]