We want to thank everyone who attended for our 2023 Hawaii State of Reform Health Policy Conference last month! It was so great to be back in-person in Hawaii, and we already can’t wait for next year’s event! To see a recap of the day, you can watch this “What You Missed” video that our Digital Media … Read more

Hawaii health care advocates recently commended the extension of Medicaid postpartum coverage from 60 days to 12 months. State of Reform spoke to 3 experts who helped bring about the extension about what it means for the future of Hawaii maternal health.     The extension comes from a $2.4 million appropriation to the Department … Read more

Hawaii health care organizations are urging Gov. David Ige to reconsider his intent to veto a bill that would allow insurers to offer telephonic behavioral health services, or audio-only telehealth, as a covered benefit. Ige released his intent to veto list on June 27th, containing a total of 30 bills.     HB 1980, which … Read more

A bill that would convene a task force under the Hawaii Department of Health to study the availability of psilocybin-based products in Hawaii is making its way through the state legislature.      Psilocybin is a naturally-occurring chemical compound found in certain mushrooms and may be used to treat certain mental health conditions, such as … Read more

Hawaii legislators are working to pass dozens of health bills in preparation for the second decking deadline on April 8th. Recent movement in the legislature included bills that address telehealth, substance use, and the rural health workforce.     Health insurance coverage and reimbursement Several bills were referred to the House Committee on Health, Human … Read more

The Hawaii House of Representatives unanimously voted Wednesday to pass House Bill 1600 HD1, the Executive Branch Budget. This supplemental budget includes approximately $8.5 million in General Funds and $16.6 billion in All Means of Financing.      Chair of the House Committee on Finance Rep. Sylvia Luke (D – Makiki) commended the budget, especially … Read more

A bipartisan, bicameral bill package will prioritize women’s health during Hawaii’s 2022 Legislative Session. The 2021-2022 Women’s Legislative Caucus (WLC), consisting of 16 women representatives and 10 women senators, aims to pass bills that will extend postpartum Medicaid coverage and access to mammograms. WLC announced their eight-bill 2022 legislative package at a panel discussion with … Read more

Members of the Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) testified before the Senate Committees on Health and Ways and Means this month, presenting their legislative budget requests for fiscal year 2023. In total DOH is requesting $1.07 billion in budgetary funding, a $10 million increase from FY 2022.  Hawaii Health Systems Corporation (HHSC), which operates acute … Read more

Senator Joy San Buenaventura (D – Puna), is the chair of the Senate Committee on Human Services, which oversees public assistance programs, youth services, long term care, and homelessness services in Hawaii. She is also a member of the Senate Committee on Health and is slated to speak at the upcoming 2022 Hawaii State of … Read more

In the final installment of a three-part conversation series, Hawai‘i health equity advocates gathered to share innovative strategies that support asset-limited, income-constrained, and employed (ALICE) communities. The panel highlighted key legislation and financial opportunity programs that could benefit a significant portion of Hawaii households.     A 2017 report from Aloha United Way (AUW) found … Read more