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Hawaii ranks in top six states for health care by racial and ethnic groups

| Dec 1, 2021 | Hawaii

Hawaii is one of just six states that rank above average in health care for all ethnic groups, according to a November 2021 study from the Commonwealth Fund. The study collected data on 24 different health indicators and grouped them into three general categories: health outcomes, health care access, and...[ Read More ]

Hawaii is the 'most hostile health environment to practice in,' physician says

| Nov 30, 2021 | Hawaii

A compounded tax policy, low reimbursement rates, and more are straining Hawaii’s health care workforce to the point where facilities, particularly on neighboring islands, are beginning to shut down. These gaps in care are contributing to otherwise preventable health disparities in Hawaii.  State of Reform spoke with Dr. Scott Grosskreutz,...[ Read More ]

Leaders navigate vaccine hesitancy and the impact of COVID-19 on Native Hawaiians

| Nov 10, 2021 | Hawaii

State leaders are having more conversations about reopening Hawaii as residents continue to get vaccinated, but others say more should be done to assess the pandemic’s physical, economic, and social impact on Native Hawaiians. Civil Beat held a virtual conversation with three panelists on Tuesday to foster dialogue around the...[ Read More ]

Hawaii tax reform could increase health care affordability, experts say

| Oct 28, 2021 | Hawaii

The Hawaii Budget and Policy Center (HBPC) is calling for lawmakers to pass tax reform that would address racial and socioeconomic disparities across the state.     Health care costs in Hawaii are unevenly distributed between low and high wage earners. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics,...[ Read More ]

Health equity leaders discuss "innovative" legislation and financial opportunity programs for ALICE housholds

| Aug 27, 2021 | Hawaii

In the final installment of a three-part conversation series, Hawai‘i health equity advocates gathered to share innovative strategies that support asset-limited, income-constrained, and employed (ALICE) communities. The panel highlighted key legislation and financial opportunity programs that could benefit a significant portion of Hawaii households.     A 2017 report from...[ Read More ]