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Q&A w/ Jill Tokuda on her bid for Hawaii Lt. Gov.

| Oct 22, 2021 | Hawaii

Jill Tokuda, former chair of the Hawaii Senate Ways And Means Committee, announced her bid for Lieutenant Governor earlier this month. This marks her second time running for the office after coming in second behind current Lt. Gov. Josh Green in 2018. Green is expected to run for Governor in...[ Read More ]

The Hawaii Budget bill receives testimony in the Senate Ways and Means Committee

| Apr 2, 2021 | Hawaii

House Bill 200, Hawaii’s budget bill, received public testimony on Monday in the Senate Committee on Ways and Means. The committee received over 500 pages of written testimony on the bill from state agencies, community programs and concerned individuals.     The bill received support from the Executive Office on...[ Read More ]

Health Funding in the current Hawaii legislative budget for 2021-2023

| Mar 26, 2021 | Hawaii

The Hawaii House of Representatives passed a two-year budget unanimously that, due to the $1.6 billion in federal funds allocated to the state by the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), avoids deep cuts to the budget. The bill, HB 200, now moves on to the Senate Ways and Means Committee...[ Read More ]