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Understanding the math: 2020 race for governor

DJ Wilson | Nov 25, 2019 | Washington

5 Things Washington: PEBB, ACH projects, MCO RFP

| Feb 27, 2018 | Washington

It's a very busy time.  We actually had 11 things this issue that we thought were all very much worth your time.  But, we've limited it to 5 Things We're Watching at the state, federal, and local levels of health care and health policy. As always, thanks for reading our...[ Read More ]

Inslee statement on Trump's plan to hike premiums and destabilize our health care system

| Oct 13, 2017 | Washington

"President Trump’s decision to stop making the Cost-Sharing Reduction payments, in accordance with the law, is nothing more than a deliberate and unconscionable sabotage of the personal health care of millions of Americans. It will directly harm middle-class families by hiking their premiums, deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs, while creating...[ Read More ]

Commentary: WPC's Roger Stark on Governor's Innovation Bill

| Feb 4, 2014 | Washington

Dr. Roger Stark, a health care policy analyst at the Washington Policy Center and a retired physician, has posted a commentary on WPC's website regarding Governor Inslee's proposal to implement the Washington State Health Care Innovation Plan (SHCIP). Here it is, reprinted with Dr. Stark's permission: In the Midst of Rocky Obamacare...[ Read More ]

Inslee Directs Agencies to Streamline Approach

Grace Guenther | Nov 22, 2013 | Washington

The Washington state government is moving forward to improve its employee wellness programs under a plan outlined in a new Executive Order by Governor Jay Inslee. “Preventing illness is the best way to improve health and save money on health care,” said Gov. Inslee. “I’m committed to doing everything I...[ Read More ]