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Gov. Newsom announces new Department of Public Health Director

Emily Boerger | Dec 8, 2020 | California

5 Things California: Biden transition players, Detailed Agenda, Behavioral health lessons

| Nov 18, 2020 | California

When we build our conferences, we crowd source topics and speakers through the engagement of our Convening Panel. So, the agenda becomes full of these sessions that reflect the conversations taking place in California health care right now. This newsletter tries to do that, too: to think through and reflect to...[ Read More ]

Western states form review board to test safety of COVID-19 vaccine

Shawna De La Rosa | Nov 5, 2020 | California, Oregon, Washington

Washington, Oregon and Nevada recently joined California’s COVID-19 Scientific Safety Review Workgroup to independently review the safety and efficacy of any vaccine approved by the FDA for distribution.     “California has led with science and data through the COVID pandemic and when a vaccine becomes available, we will leverage...[ Read More ]

Governor Newsom names scientific safety review workgroup to advise state on COVID-19 vaccines

| Oct 20, 2020 | California

Governor Gavin Newsom [on Monday] named a group of nationally acclaimed California physician scientists with expertise in immunization and public health to the state’s COVID-19 Scientific Safety Review Workgroup that will independently review the safety and efficacy of any vaccine that receives FDA approval for distribution. While there is no...[ Read More ]

5 Things California: Budget deadline, Early Bird registration, International perspective on COVID

| Oct 7, 2020 | California

History is happening fast right now. When things happen fast, they can break. So, take care to protect the things that matter. Elections come and go. Family and friendships last. Be intentional about focusing on the things that last while we're all caught up in the election. And thanks for...[ Read More ]

Berkeley poll evaluates Californians' opinions on COVID, elections, and Newsom's job performance

Emily Boerger | Oct 1, 2020 | California

A new UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies (IGS) poll reveals Californians are less concerned about the health threat posed by COVID-19 than they were two months ago. The survey, which polled over 7,000 registered voters in California in mid-September, also reveals opinions related to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s job performance,...[ Read More ]

Gov. Newsom signs series of behavioral health care bills

| Sep 25, 2020 | California

Governor Gavin Newsom today signed a package of bills that will improve access to quality mental health and substance use disorder services for all Californians, as well as measures that help homeless Californians suffering from behavioral health challenges access the help they need. Governor Newsom devoted the entirety of his 2020 State of the...[ Read More ]