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Q&A: Deputy Medicaid Director Tricia Roddy and Debra Ruppert on preparing for redeterminations

| Feb 22, 2022 | Maryland

Approximately 1.68 million Marylanders—over a third of the state population—are Medicaid recipients as of Feb. 18. Beneficiaries are currently protected from being disenrolled during the federal public health emergency (PHE), which is expected to extend into July 2022. However, once the PHE ends, enrollees who lost eligibility may lose their...[ Read More ]

Expiring pandemic flexibilities are putting Florida’s safety net communities at risk

| Jan 27, 2022 | Florida

Florida’s safety net programs are key to caring for some of the state’s most vulnerable communities. However, as some state flexibilities implemented during the pandemic begin to expire, advocates such as the Florida Policy Institute (FPI) are concerned about leaving some families without adequate care or resources.     FPI,...[ Read More ]

Covered or not? A look into Alaska’s upcoming Medicaid redetermination

| Nov 16, 2021 | Alaska

The reassessment window for recipients under Alaska’s Medicaid program is coming up once the extended federal public health emergency (PHE) concludes. Following the end of the PHE, which could come as early as Jan. 16 if it isn’t extended again, state Medicaid agencies will have 12 months to reassess enrollees’...[ Read More ]