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Michigan Hispanic COVID-19 survivors reported worse symptoms, longer hospital stays than white adults

| Mar 11, 2022

Hispanic Michiganders were more likely than white Michiganders to suffer severe COVID-19 symptoms, have longer hospital stays and experience increased social stressors—being unable to pay rent, buy food or arrange child care, according to a new University of Michigan study. The findings shine a light into the health inequalities that...[ Read More ]

MDHHS announces RFP for new racial equity workgroup consultant for opioid task force

| Jan 28, 2022 | Michigan

The Michigan Opioids Task Force announced a Request for Proposal (RFP) in January for a consultant to develop and lead a new Racial Equity Workgroup within the task force.  The consultant will mainly work to incorporate community voices into the decision making process of the task force and to provide...[ Read More ]

Utah's uninsured have significant barriers to coverage, education needed to 'bridge the gap'

| Dec 20, 2021 | Utah

The Utah Health Policy Project (UHPP) recently held their annual conference, which brought together panelists to discuss Utah’s uninsured population and how it relates to inequities in our health care system. The conference touched on the many barriers to coverage for those who are uninsured and the investments needed to...[ Read More ]

Video: The importance of DEI work to address the social determinants

| Nov 5, 2021 | Oregon

Three experts came together at the 2021 Oregon State of Reform Health Policy Conference to talk through diversity, equity, and inclusion investments and their impacts on the social determinants of health. The panel reviewed efforts underway to collect better data around the social determinants of health, create a more inclusive...[ Read More ]

Video: Legislative Keynote Panel

| Oct 29, 2021 | Oregon

Four leaders in the Oregon State Legislature came together to discuss the outlook for health care and health policy at the 2021 Oregon State of Reform Health Policy Conference held earlier this week. This “four corner conversation” brought together health policy leaders from both the left and right sides of...[ Read More ]

Increasing health equity in Alaska

| Oct 12, 2021 | Alaska

Creating greater health equity in Alaska will require more specific data collection, and creating a seat at decision-making tables for historically marginalized people. That’s according to a panel discussion on equity held during 2021 Alaska State of Reform Health Policy Conference. The need to create more equitable health outcomes has...[ Read More ]