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New EHF statewide poll shows uninsured Texans face far more difficult battle to access and afford basic medical care

| May 5, 2021 | Texas

Nearly half of all Texans say it’s difficult for them to pay for health care and 53% say they’ve skipped or postponed medical care because of cost. But Texans without health insurance face much more difficulty affording medical care and are far more likely to skip going to the doctor....[ Read More ]

With public support skyrocketing, Texas lawmakers continue push for Medicaid expansion

| Mar 3, 2021 | Texas

Residents of the state with the lowest rate of health insurance coverage in the country are -- now, more than ever -- voicing their support for Medicaid expansion, according to a new survey from the Episcopal Health Foundation (EHF). While Texas’ super-majority Republican Caucus remains staunchly opposed, Democrats are drawing...[ Read More ]

Report: Texans missed health care services, suffered financially due to COVID-19

Shawna De La Rosa | Oct 16, 2020 | Texas

More than one third of Texans skipped or postponed health care services over concerns about the coronavirus pandemic, according to a report by Episcopal Health Foundation. The most commonly skipped visits were for preventative care like checkups, mammograms, colonoscopies and child immunizations. Receiving care via telemedicine was not an option...[ Read More ]

Bush School study estimates impact of Medicaid expansion in Texas

| Oct 1, 2020 | Texas

At current funding rates, Medicaid expansion could bring in $5.4 billion in new federal dollars to Texas and provide health insurance coverage to nearly one million low-income Texans with little cost to the state. That’s according to a new detailed study on the impact of Medicaid expansion in Texas by Laura...[ Read More ]

Survey: Majority of Texans say lawmakers should prioritize social determinants of health

Michael Goldberg | Jul 14, 2020 | Texas

In case you missed it, an Episcopal Health Foundation (EHF) survey came out earlier this month which indicated majority support among Texans for state lawmakers to prioritize Social Determinants of Health as they expand access to health care. As defined in the report, Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) are the...[ Read More ]

EHF announces $1.3 million in new funding for COVID-19 response in Texas

| Jun 22, 2020 | Texas

In a second round of funding related to COVID-19, Episcopal Health Foundation has awarded $1.3 million in grants to 32 nonprofit clinics and other organizations that are serving at-risk communities in Texas on the front lines of the pandemic. Along with the first round of funding announced in May, EHF’s...[ Read More ]