Florida hospitals are struggling to supplement their nurse workforces as workplace violence and other issues are causing high turnover rates. But Florida Hospital Association (FHA) President and CEO Mary C. Mayhew told State of Reform that some relief could come in the form of training initiatives and legislation. FHA finalized an analysis in summer 2022 … Read more

Our first Florida newsletter of 2023 features a conversation with newly appointed House health committee Chair Rep. Randy Fine about his priorities for this session, a breakdown of some of the health-related funding proposals in Gov. Ron DeSantis’s recently released FY 2023-2024 budget, and information on how healthcare leaders in the state are preparing for … Read more

On Feb. 1st, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced his Framework for Freedom Budget for the 2023-2024 fiscal year, which includes major investments in cancer research and behavioral healthcare. The Framework for Freedom budget totals $114.8 billion, and primary focuses include expanding the economy, restoring the environment, and maintaining health reserves to respond to natural disasters. … Read more

On January 17th, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced the Prescribe Freedom proposal, which would make protections from COVID-19 mandates permanent and create protections for medical professionals who voice their religious views.  “When the world lost its mind, Florida was a refuge of sanity, serving strongly as freedom’s linchpin,” DeSantis said. “These measures will ensure Florida remains … Read more