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5 Things Washington: What you missed, 2022 health policy, Deferred care

| Jan 12, 2022 | Washington

Last week we were honored to host the 2022 Washington State of Reform Health Policy Conference, which brought together a diverse group of some of the most senior health care executives and health policy leaders in the state. In this edition of "5 Things We're Watching" we feature several of...[ Read More ]

Q&A: Dr. Francis Mercado on deferred care

| Jan 4, 2022 | Washington

Dr. Francis Mercado is the associate chief medical officer of primary care for Virginia Mason Franciscan Health. State of Reform spoke with him to discuss deferred care due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the impact it has on both patients and health care systems.      Aaron Kunkler: How is...[ Read More ]

5 Things Texas: Comm. Young talks Medicaid, Update from HHSC, Integrating SDOH into business

| Oct 13, 2021 | Texas

This week's newsletter features some of the highlights from our recent 2021 North Texas State of Reform Health Policy Conference. From this year's prolonged legislative activity to the uncertain future of the state's safety net, needless to say there's a lot happening in the Texas health policy space. With so...[ Read More ]

Report finds preventive care visits in California decreased 20-41% in 2020

| Jul 8, 2021 | California

Preventive care visits in California decreased between 20% and 41% in 2020, according to a new report from Manifest MedEx. Manifest MedEx is the state’s largest nonprofit health information exchange and collects claims and clinical data for over 26 million Californians. The organization’s analysis of 4 million Californians’ 2020 health...[ Read More ]

5 Things Alaska: Deferred care, Alaska Native mortality rates, ACA ruling in context

| Jun 24, 2021 | Alaska

While DJ is out trying to get in a well-deserved vacation, I’ll be bringing you this edition of 5 Things We’re Watching. I’m the managing editor here at State of Reform where I have my eye on health care and health policy in Alaska and a number of other states....[ Read More ]

Hospitalizations Increasing Due To Delayed Medical Care

| Jun 23, 2021 | Alaska

Delaying medical care has become a significant issue since the start of the COVID pandemic. The Kaiser Family Foundation recently released a study showing that 48% of Americans delayed care for a medical condition due to the pandemic. Although the full implications of these decisions are not yet clear, Ashley...[ Read More ]