To continue enhancing Alaska’s response to individuals experiencing mental health distress, the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority Board of Trustees has awarded $800,000 in Trust grant funding to Alaska Behavioral Health (AKBH) for the continued support of the Fairbanks Mobile Crisis Team (MCT).   The Trust supported the launch of Fairbanks’s MCT, which began operations in … Read more

Mental health professionals are working to implement a plethora of new crisis response services in Alaska, and a few experts discussed current initiatives at the 2022 Alaska State of Reform Health Policy Conference.     Eric Boyer, Senior Program Officer at Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority (AMHTA), has been guiding the implementation of the state’s … Read more

Alaskans who face various mental health challenges will benefit from the disbursement of more than $2.3 million in Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority (AMHTA) grants.     AMHTA provides funding for Alaska nonprofits, state and local government agencies, tribal entities, and service providers. Beneficiaries include Alaskans who experience mental illness, substance use disorders, intellectual and … Read more

Alaska health care professionals are working on several initiatives to help residents with behavioral health needs.      Comagine Health and the Alaska Department of Health & Social Services (DHSS) hosted a teleconference Thursday to discuss Alaskans’ behavioral health needs. Comagine Regional Director of Behavioral Health Dr. Sarah McCutcheon hosted the panel discussion. She noted … Read more

Members of the Alaska House of Representatives have been working on several health care initiatives during the 2022 legislative session. In this conversation, Rep. Mike Prax (R-North Pole) and Rep. Zack Fields (D-Anchorage) discuss their health policy priorities with State of Reform.     Gov. Mike Dunleavy issued an executive order to restructure the Department … Read more