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What They're Watching: Arielle Kane

Michael Goldberg | Mar 2, 2020 | Texas

State of the State provides glimpse of nearer-term health policy agenda

Marjie High | Feb 13, 2019 | California

Governor Gavin Newsom delivered his first State of the State address yesterday. And for a governor who has thus far highlighted health care, the issue seemed to play a more moderate role in the update than his preliminary actions in office would suggest. Despite hints at single-payer efforts, key take-aways...[ Read More ]

Addressing Cost Head On

DJ Wilson | May 21, 2012

The Massachusetts reformers were clear when they built the Connector model.  Their work was focused on access.  They specifically set aside cost as a target of their efforts.  Now, they are back and addressing it head on saying legislation stands to save $160 billion from the system over ten years....[ Read More ]