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UH-DOH contact tracing program trains nearly 450 individuals

Emily Boerger | Jul 28, 2020 | Hawaii

The University of Hawaii last week announced its COVID-19 contact tracing training program had reached a new milestone. By Friday, the University of Hawaii-Hawaii State Department of Health (UH-DOH) training program had trained nearly 450 individuals who can now be activated by the Dept. of Health to trace COVID-19 contacts...[ Read More ]

OHA funds 173 community groups to support contact tracing, outreach, and other efforts to combat COVID-19

| Jul 24, 2020 | Oregon

[On Thursday], OHA announced the launch of a new program to fund work by Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to help respond to COVID-19 in culturally- and linguistically-responsive ways in communities across the state.     OHA will provide 173 CBOs with $9.4 million in CARES Act funds. The CBOs are...[ Read More ]

5 Things Colorado: Rep. Emily Sirota, Medicaid wave?, Convening Panel

| Jul 20, 2020 | Colorado

We are about to start getting our band back together...! Meaning, it'll soon be time to pull together our Convening Panel ahead of our 2020 Colorado State of Reform Virtual Health Policy Conference! The conference, held each year in October, will be a chance to reconnect with senior market executives...[ Read More ]

How hard is it to get a COVID test if asymptomatic? Turns out, it varies

Emily Boerger | Jul 16, 2020 | Washington

Despite expanded testing recommendations and the CDC’s guidance on testing asymptomatic individuals, evidence suggests rising consumer demand for COVID-19 tests and a shortage of supplies are making it difficult to offer timely, widespread testing. I decided to put Washington to the test to see how difficult it is to get...[ Read More ]

Contact tracing remains inadequate in most states

| Jun 30, 2020 | Federal

At this point in the unfolding coronavirus crisis, political leaders have been on notice for months that effective contact tracing will be critical to minimizing harm to human health and the national economy. With a vaccine or an effective therapeutic still months away, federal and state authorities must rely on...[ Read More ]

Colorado public officials provide update on testing and contact tracing

Michael Goldberg | Jun 4, 2020 | Colorado

Dan Gibbs, Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Resources, and Sarah Tuneberg, COVID-19 Innovation Response Team Lead and Senior COVID-19 Advisor for CDPHE provided an update this week on the state's testing and contact tracing efforts. Gibbs and Tuneberg estimated that Colorado is running 7000-8000 tests per day. As...[ Read More ]