On Monday, the California Medical Association announced seven priority bills for the 2023 legislative session, which include a bill to expand cultural and linguistic competency, and two bills relating to reproductive healthcare. Assembly Bill 470 aims to ensure that continued medical education in the state takes into account the growing linguistic diversity of California’s population.  … Read more

The California Medical Association (CMA) is urging physicians to contact their legislators and ask for a “no” vote on Assembly Bill 1751, saying the bill would place unnecessary burdens on physicians prescribing pain management. AB 1751 is sponsored by the California Chiropractic Association (CalChiro) and would require physicians to share information on and provide referrals … Read more

I hope you’re gearing up for a great holiday season! In today’s edition of “5 Things,” you’ll find information about California’s new, first-of-its kind Data Sharing Agreement, the large-scale Medi-Cal Population Health Management program slated for January, and how dually eligible Californians can be more effectively served through DHCS’s upcoming Medicare Medi-Cal Plans. Thanks for reading! … Read more

In an October 31st letter to Congress, the California Medical Association (CMA) detailed its recommendations to stabilize the Medicare payment system in response to a congressional request for stakeholder input.     These recommendations include stopping payment cuts and implementing an annual inflation update, reducing incentives that have driven provider consolidation and increased healthcare costs, … Read more

As the Vice President for Health Care Access and Coverage at the California Medical Association, Janice Rocco says she’s primarily concerned with getting physician practices back up on their feet.     Many physician practices in the state continue to grapple with both staffing shortages and an increase in patient volume resulting from deferred care … Read more