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Illinois Public Health Association asserts support for the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act

| Sep 24, 2021 | Illinois

Executive Director of the Illinois Public Health Association (IPHA) Tom Hughes expressed the organization’s support of the passage of Senate Bill 2408, or the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act, in a statement last week.     The bill establishes a statewide carbon-free energy goal of 100% by 2050, as well...[ Read More ]

5 Things Oregon: Q&A w/ Becky Hultberg, Detailed Agenda, BH workforce

| Sep 15, 2021 | Oregon

Next month, we'll host the 10th annual State of Reform event. It's a little crazy to me to think about all of the work in those intervening 10 years. In those early days, Bruce Goldberg was very kind. Amy Fauver showed up for a keynote at the last minute in...[ Read More ]

5 Things Florida: Value-based care, Health in the budget, Overdoses on the rise

| Jun 9, 2021 | Florida

This may be the calm before the storm. Thursday is the last published day on the US Supreme Court calendar to release opinions from its current term (though they have a few more weeks for orders). It's a term that saw a meaningful challenge to the ACA last November. It...[ Read More ]

Addressing climate change directly benefits community health, according to Florida health experts

| May 27, 2021 | Florida

Panelists at the 2021 Florida State of Reform Health Policy Conference discussed the intersection of climate change and public health -- two issues that affect Floridians independently, but whose joint implications remain underdiscussed. Joining the conversation was Patrick Breysse, director of the National Center for Environmental Health, Dr. J. Glenn...[ Read More ]

5 Things Oregon: Health policy preview, Committee membership, Vaccine rollout

| Jan 14, 2021 | Oregon

If you understand the unique character of our republican democracy, you can find calm in this anxious time. In six days, Joe Biden will be inaugurated President of the United States. He may not have been your candidate. That disappointment is a luxury of being in a democracy. The orderly...[ Read More ]

OHA report on climate change and health exposes inequities

Sydney Kurle | Dec 16, 2020 | Oregon

A new climate change report from the Oregon Health Authority (OHA)  says that as natural disasters worsen, the health effects of these events will disproportionately affect communities of color, tribal communities, and people of lower income status.      The report, Climate and Health in Oregon 2020 report, builds on...[ Read More ]