The Colorado Health Institute (CHI) hosted a webinar from their “Eggheads” series on the Colorado Health IT Roadmap released in late November. The webinar brought together representatives from the Office of eHealth Innovation (OeHI) and CHI to discuss the three main goals of the roadmap: greater affordability for patients, expanded access to whole person care, … Read more

Next week, we will release our list of about 60 speakers curated for you at our upcoming 2021 Colorado State of Reform Health Policy Conference. It’s a very smart group of folks at work to improve the health care system for folks in Colorado. We’ll be virtual this year again. I know we all want to … Read more

A report released this month by the Colorado Health Institute (CHI) illustrates the magnitude of missed medical care in Colorado during the pandemic and offers recommendations for addressing this offput care.  Using medical record data from the Colorado Health Observation Regional Data Service (CHORDS), CHI examined the volume of patient visits among approximately 1.5 million … Read more

A new analysis from the Colorado Health Institute (CHI) reveals that 45% of the approximately 314,000 Colorado veterans who are eligible for health care through the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) aren’t enrolled. These individuals are missing out on free or low-cost health care services due to factors like access barriers, mistrust, and unawareness … Read more

In recent weeks, the city of Denver has consistently experienced temperatures over 100 degrees as part of this summer’s record-breaking heat waves. For the city’s homeless population, this extreme heat is life-threatening, according to a recent article from the Colorado Health Institute (CHI). As the country’s third most intense “urban heat island,” the city of … Read more