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Governor signs entire “Cascade Care 2.0” bill into law

Emily Boerger | May 10, 2021 | Washington

Governor Jay Inslee signed legislation on Monday that aims to increase the affordability of standardized health plans on the individual market. Among several provisions, Senate Bill 5377 establishes a state premium assistance program for certain individuals purchasing health insurance on the state exchange. The bill also builds on the 2019...[ Read More ]

WSHA calls on Inslee to veto section of public option bill

| Apr 29, 2021 | Washington

In a letter sent to Governor Jay Inslee’s office on Tuesday evening, the Washington State Hospital Association called on the governor to veto a portion of recently passed legislation that would require certain hospitals to contract with at least one public option plan in the state. The bill, SB 5377,...[ Read More ]

Q&A: Representative Eileen Cody on the 2021 session

| Apr 28, 2021 | Washington

Representative Eileen Cody was raised on her family’s farm in Iowa. After earning her associate’s and a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing, Cody began a 40 year career in nursing at Kaiser Permanente in Seattle. In addition to her work at Kaiser Permanente, Cody is a founding member of...[ Read More ]

State lawmakers offer advice on creating a federal public option

| Apr 15, 2021 | Federal

Three legislators pursuing public options at the state level offered lessons learned during a recent conversation at the 2021 State of Reform Federal Health Policy Conference. The three lawmakers – Sen. David Frockt (WA), Sen. Matt Lesser (CT), and Rep. Dylan Roberts (CO) – are at different stages in establishing...[ Read More ]

Washington Senate bill to increase the affordability of standardized health plans heard in House Health Committee

| Mar 18, 2021 | Washington

Senate Bill 5377 had its first hearing in the House Health Care and Wellness Committee on Wednesday, after moving out of the Senate on Mar. 2nd. This bill, sponsored by Sen. David Frockt, aims to increase the affordability of standardized plans on the individual market.      Specifically, this bill...[ Read More ]

Cascade Care offers more options, launches this week

Shawna De La Rosa | Nov 2, 2020 | Washington

Starting this week, more health and dental care coverage options and financial assistance will be available through the Cascade Care plans that have been implemented in accordance with SB 5526. “As more Washingtonians are impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic, having health coverage is crucial during these difficult times,” Pam MacEwan,...[ Read More ]