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An Actual Bipartisan Plan

| Mar 2, 2020 | Federal

Political polarization has largely paralyzed Washington, which is why the Bipartisan Policy Center’s new health reform plan is both notable and important. The lead authors of the plan are former Senate Majority Leaders Tom Daschle and Bill Frist and former Administrators of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)...[ Read More ]

5 Things Alaska: Bills we're watching, Budget update, Anna Brawley

| Feb 24, 2020 | Alaska

It was 10 years ago this fall that we hosted our first State of Reform event in Anchorage. It seems like a lifetime ago that we had keynotes from DHSS Commish Bill Streur and HHS Regional Director Susan Johnson. The kind of bi-partisan, policy agnostic convening that State of Reform...[ Read More ]

5 Things Hawaii: Medicaid award protest, Bills we're watching, What you missed

| Feb 6, 2020 | Hawaii

It is always such an honor to have the State of Reform ohana with us at our annual event. With about 350 folks with us, including some of the most senior health policy executives and health policy leaders from across the state, State of Reform brought together a diverse and...[ Read More ]

5 things Colorado: Mara Baer, Health care legislation, Joshua Ewing

| Jan 14, 2020 | Colorado

With a new year and a new legislative session underway, we look to a few smart policy observers to make sense of some of it in this edition of 5 Things. We're also digging into some of the pre-filed legislation and tracking some of the early budget hearings in this year's...[ Read More ]

5 Things California: Newsom's budget, MFAR rule, Tayler Trotter

| Jan 7, 2020 | California

With a new year comes a new legislative session! Legislators are reconvening in Sacramento this week for what could be an ambitious year, catalyzed by the national political climate and some pent up enthusiasm for bigger reforms in health care. We are tracking some early signals to see how the...[ Read More ]