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Knight Cancer Institute at OHSU funds 13 community projects

| Jul 12, 2021 | Oregon

Oregon Health and Science University’s (OHSU) Knight Cancer Institute awarded $320,000 to thirteen community projects to address cancer-related health needs in the state last week. The grant funded ten new programs and three ongoing programs.      The Community Partnership Program, a Knight Cancer Institute’s program, supports the development of...[ Read More ]

Ombuds Report finds continued delays in cancer treatment at Washington DOC Facilities

| Apr 1, 2021 | Washington

A report released by the Office of the Corrections Ombuds (OCO) found that delays in cancer diagnosis and treatment in Washington State Department of Corrections (DOC) facilities led to death for at least one patient, and terminal diagnoses for several others.     This report comes after previous investigations performed...[ Read More ]

A Texas facility is using AI to improve mental health outcomes for cancer patients

| Dec 28, 2020 | Texas

At the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders in Texas, providers are utilizing artificial intelligence to determine risk paths for cancer patients, according to HealthITAnalytics. A survey revealed that cancer patients experience high levels of anxiety, depression and financial struggles. The AI system, provided by Jvion, aims to provide a...[ Read More ]

Social Media in Healthcare: Some Folks Get It

DJ Wilson | May 25, 2012

I have a confession:  I'm a bit of a deficit hawk. And when it comes to health care, that means I think the question of cost containment is paramount to solving the question of access. Then I watch video like the one produced by Seattle Children's Hospital this month. Those...[ Read More ]


DJ Wilson | Dec 30, 2011

With all of the complexity, anxiety and burdens of wading through the health care system today - whether you're a policy maker or a practitioner - it's easy to feel frustrated and overwhelmed by what's happening in health care today. Changing health care for the worse is easy.  There are...[ Read More ]