Health plans, including Blue Shield of California, Health Net, and Community Health Group Partnership Plan, have filed lawsuits against the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) following the first ever statewide competitive procurement for commercial Medi-Cal managed care plans for the 2024 Medi-Cal contract awards.     Through this procurement, DHCS did not award … Read more

In addition to a 6% increase in health insurance premium rates, Covered California announced last week that it has added a 13th health plan to the marketplace and expanded the coverage zones of 2 existing health plans for 2023.     As reported in a news release, Aetna CVS Health will begin offering coverage in … Read more

Blue Shield California

Earlier this month, Blue Shield of California announced their Maternal Child Health Equity initiative, which is focused on addressing disproportionately low mortality rates among mothers and children in underserved communities.     The initiative aims to provide quality family-centered services to new and expecting mothers in Fresno, Los Angeles, and Sacramento counties through physician referrals. … Read more

COVID-19 has forced us to rethink how we pay for and deliver health services. In this video from last week’s 2021 Los Angeles State of Reform Health Policy Conference, watch Carole Cusack, director of payer client engagement & strategy at 3M, Adam Barde, senior director of health transformation implementation at Blue Shield of California, and … Read more