Colorado Gov. Jared Polis signed House Bill 1236 into law on May 16th, which applies a series of administrative modifications to the state’s Behavioral Health Administration (BHA).     Under the bill, the BHA will continue as the regulatory oversight agency for the behavioral healthcare system, and continue to serve as the central body for … Read more

Gov. Spencer Cox signed a series of measures this week aimed at addressing the state’s ongoing mental health crisis.     Utah maintains the highest levels of mental illness in the country, with more than 30% of adult Utahns experiencing anxiety or depression. A survey on maternal health showed more than half of new mothers … Read more

At last week’s meeting of the Arizona House’s Ad Hoc Committee on Teen Mental Health, the Access to Care, Depression and Mental Illness workgroup presented recommendations to the committee to improve access to care for Arizonans with depression and other mental illnesses.      The first recommendation is to develop a mental health coalition specific … Read more

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) presented on Tuesday an update on its implementation of House Bill 4, which requires the agency to deliver more telehealth and telemedicine services on a permanent and cost-effective basis.      After engaging stakeholders for most of 2022, HHSC posted in July a draft of its Medicaid … Read more

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s recently-released Master Plan for Kids’ Mental Health encompasses various efforts to help combat rising rates of mental illness and suicide, and low rates of mental health care service utilization among children in the state.     The new plan incorporates the Children and Youth Behavioral Health Initiative—implemented in 2021—along with additional investments … Read more

On Aug. 17th, Rep. Graham Filler (R-St. Johns) introduced a bill to streamline the screening process for potential admission to inpatient psychiatric care for behavioral and mental health patients.     House Bill 6355 would require preadmission screening units operated by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services or Community Mental Health services programs … Read more