Beaumont Children’s received a $150,000 grant from Rite Aid Healthy Futures recently to expand “equitable care and improved health outcomes for children in underserved and vulnerable neighborhoods,” said a Beaumont press release.  The funds will go towards supporting the Metro Detroit Healthy School Pantry Program, which supplies school food pantries to children with food insecurity … Read more

Over the last few months, Patrick Jones has been doing great work leading our reporting of health reform and health policy in Michigan. He is part of a seven-member news room at State of Reform, led by our managing editor, Emily Boerger. It’s a strong team I’m very honored to be a part of. We … Read more

Beaumont Health and Spectrum Health System, two of Michigan’s largest health systems, have signed a formal integration agreement on Thursday marking the beginning of the integration process. The new health system’s vision is to “provide more accessible, affordable, equitable and exceptional health care and coverage for people across the state.”     In June 2021, … Read more