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Key points from the AHCCCS 2020 Access Monitoring Review Plan

Michael Goldberg | Jul 28, 2020 | Arizona

The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) - Arizona's Medicaid agency - has released its 2020 Access Monitoring Review Plan assessing the agency's use of federal, state, county, and provider-assessed funds to provide health care coverage to the state’s acute and long-term care Medicaid populations, and low-income individuals and...[ Read More ]

5 Things Arizona: COVID in context, AHCCCS applications, June budget update

| Jun 25, 2020 | Arizona

Yesterday, 79 people died of COVID in Arizona, the highest daily total yet. The 7-day average is trending steeply upwards. According to three studies, approximately 80% of infections appear to come from as few as 5% of carriers, meaning "super spreaders" are driving infection counts. Projections show usage of masks reduce the daily death count in...[ Read More ]

5 Things Arizona: Sen. Lupe Contreras, Navajo Nation, Session adjourns

| May 28, 2020 | Arizona

With Gov. Ducey's Stay at Home order now expired, some folks are out pretending as if most of the last few months didn't happen. On one key metric of transmission rates, AZ today has the 9th highest rate of infection among US states. This data is backward looking, and doesn't necessarily result in confirmed...[ Read More ]

Q&A: Sen. Lupe Contreras on getting COVID-19 and legislating to beat it

Michael Goldberg | May 28, 2020 | Arizona

Senator Lupe Contreras represents District 19 in the Legislature and serves as the Democratic Minority Whip. Senator Contreras was a member of the bipartisan group of senators that voted this week to adjourn the 2020 regular session. Contreras is looking ahead to an anticipated special session in Arizona with a...[ Read More ]

3 Arizona Senate Republicans join with Democrats to adjourn regular session

Michael Goldberg | May 26, 2020 | Arizona

Three Republican Arizona state senators defected from their caucus to join with Democrats in voting to adjourn the 2020 regular session, killing 28 pieces of House legislation that were up for consideration.  Casting the sine die votes on the Republican side were Senators Kate Brophy McGee, Heather Carter, and Paul...[ Read More ]

5 Things Arizona: Sen. Kate Brophy McGee, Antibody testing, Health policy in the special session

| Apr 30, 2020 | Arizona

This is hard. Staying at home is hard. Distance learning is hard. Watching businesses collapse is hard. Watching loved ones get sick is hard. None of this is easy. We are going through a collective trauma together. It'll reshape our society, our commerce and our politics. But, right now, when we're...[ Read More ]