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Leadership Series: The future of gene therapy

| Oct 25, 2021 | Federal

Bhash Parasuraman, vice president of value and access for rare disease and internal medicine at Pfizer, joined State of Reform on Thursday for a conversation on the future of gene therapy.  As part of our virtual “Leadership Series,” Parasuraman discussed the outlook for gene therapy, the policies she’d like to...[ Read More ]

5 Slides Video: Addressing variation in health equity

| Jun 7, 2021 | Washington

From vaccine distribution to access to health care services, there are stark variations in health outcomes based on race, gender, and economic status.  On Wednesday, June 2nd, State of Reform hosted three panelists from Washington State for a conversation on health equity and what we can do to address disparities. ...[ Read More ]

Video and highlights for "5 Slides: Raising awareness of mental health solutions"

| Jun 2, 2021 | Hawaii

May was mental health awareness month and the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic downturn has caused widespread despair and feelings of vulnerability. As part of our “5 Slides we’re discussing” series, State of Reform hosted three experts in mental health solutions. In this conversation, Dr. Josh Green, lieutenant governor for...[ Read More ]

5 slides: Are bundled payments the future of maternal health care funding?

| May 17, 2021 | Texas

To grapple with its world-leading rates of maternal mortality, U.S. health industry leaders are discussing ways to reform the country’s payment system for maternal health services in order to both cut costs and provide better care for mothers. Texas has some of the highest rates of maternal mortality in the...[ Read More ]

Video and Highlights for "5 Slides: Aligning Payment and Care to Drive Improved Health Outcomes"

| May 10, 2021 | Washington

On Thursday State of Reform hosted our Washington “5 Slides” event titled “Aligning Payment and Care to Drive Improved Health Outcomes.” This conversation was centered on how aligning care across physicians throughout the patient journey can have a direct and material impact on clinical and financial outcomes. In this conversation,...[ Read More ]

Video: Oregon health policy experts break down the legislative session

| Apr 26, 2021 | Oregon

Three health policy insiders convened with State of Reform on Friday to discuss key policy advancements made in the current Oregon legislative session as it passes its halfway point. In a discussion entitled, “Leadership Series: Reviewing health policy in the 2021 Oregon Legislature,” panelists discussed the wide array of bills...[ Read More ]