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Tampa, May 18, 2023

Consolidation, underlying costs, and a lack of healthy competition contributing to Washington’s rising healthcare costs

| Jan 6, 2023 | Washington

The rising costs of healthcare services are a heavy burden for many Washingtonians, but lowering those costs is a complicated issue. Experts identified some causes for high costs, as well as some solutions that could provide some relief during the “Efforts to ensure transparency & promote affordability” panel at Thursday's...[ Read More ]

Spokane advocates push for policies to improve maternal health outcomes for Washingtonians

| Jan 3, 2023 | Washington

A group of Spokane advocates is working to improve perinatal maternal health equity and well-being outcomes for families through public policy advocacy.     Andrea Estes and Stephaine Courtney are spearheading advocacy efforts to support several family initiatives. Courtney is the executive director of both The Learning Project and Shades...[ Read More ]

Over 200 organizations coming to the 2023 Washington State of Reform Health Policy Conference

| Dec 27, 2022 | Washington

With the 2023 Washington State of Reform Health Policy Conference coming up next week, we wanted to share the list of organizations that will be attending our event. It's an impressive list and one that we're honored to host and convene on January 5th! We are looking forward to seeing...[ Read More ]

5 Things Washington: Pharmacies & PBMs, 2023 peer support specialists bill, Q&A on rural student mental health

| Dec 16, 2022 | Washington

Special shoutout to our reporter Shane Ersland, who has done some great reporting in the state recently and is an instrumental part of State of Reform's presence in Washington. Feel free to reach out to Shane at any time with story leads as he continues to track the most pressing topics in...[ Read More ]

Washington Gov. Inslee’s budget prioritizes homelessness and behavioral health needs

| Dec 15, 2022 | Washington

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee prioritized initiatives to address homelessness and behavioral health needs in his proposed 2023-25 budget, which he released on Wednesday.     Inslee’s housing proposal features a referendum that would allow legislators to front-load $4 billion of housing construction over the next six years. The underlying capital...[ Read More ]

WSMA urges lawmakers to support initiatives that aim to improve patient access to care at Washington medical practices

| Dec 15, 2022 | Washington

Results from a new survey indicate inflation and staffing shortages continue to severely strain Washington's medical practice community and hinder patients' ability to access care during a crucial period of recovery in the state.      The survey was shared with 5,000 physicians working in independent (non-networked) physician clinics in...[ Read More ]