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Arizona, May 26, 2022

Q&A: Sen. Manka Dhingra discusses possible improvements to Washington State’s crisis response methods following Arizona visit

| May 23, 2022 | Arizona, Washington

Sen. Manka Dhingra (D-Redmond) represents Washington State’s 45th Legislative District. She’s a member of the Senate Behavioral Health Subcommittee and has helped pass legislation to transform the state’s behavioral health system—reorienting it around prevention rather than crisis response—during her time in the Senate. Dhingra traveled to Arizona this month to...[ Read More ]

Washington State pipe distribution program aims to curb disease and death among drug users

| May 20, 2022 | Washington

The Tacoma Needle Exchange is distributing pipes in an effort to curb the spread of disease and death among Washington drug users who would likely otherwise be injecting substances. Paul LaKosky—Executive Director of the Tacoma Needle Exchange and the Dave Purchase Project—gave an update on pipe distribution efforts during Thursday’s...[ Read More ]

Waiver would expand health care coverage to Washingtonians regardless of immigration status

| May 19, 2022 | Washington

Washington State officials are seeking the federal government’s approval for a waiver that would expand health care coverage to residents regardless of their immigration status.     The Washington Benefit Exchange (Exchange) submitted a Section 1332 waiver to the federal government on May 13th. If approved, the waiver will provide...[ Read More ]

Proposed initiative would decriminalize drugs in Washington State

| May 17, 2022 | Washington

The Commit to Change WA coalition recently filed a proposal for an initiative that would decriminalize drugs in Washington State.     Initiative Measure No. 1922 would decriminalize the possession of all illicit drugs in the state. Law enforcement officers would retain the authority to confiscate illicit drugs, and selling...[ Read More ]

Survey results could prompt changes to vision coverage for some Washingtonians

| May 12, 2022 | Washington

Results from a new survey could prompt changes to vision coverage for public and school employees.     Members of the Washington State Health Care Authority’s (HCA) Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB) discussed results from a HCA web-based vision survey Thursday. Beth Heston, Senior Account Manager for the WHA’s Employees...[ Read More ]

State leaders prepare for implementation of the 988 call line

| May 11, 2022 | Washington

Behavioral health officials discussed the implementation of the 988 suicide prevention call line at a meeting on Tuesday.     Members of the Crisis Response Improvement Strategy (CRIS) Committee discussed the national 988 call line, which is a universal number people can call to receive personal assistance—or help for a...[ Read More ]