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Washington Senate Health and Long-term Care committee hears testimony on Health Equity Zones bill

| Jan 21, 2021 | Washington

The Senate Health and Long Term Care committee heard testimony on SB 5052 on Monday. This bill would require the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) to designate health equity zones based on health disparity data. This bill would also ask the DOH to work with community groups to develop...[ Read More ]

New report details impact of COVID-19 on Native organizations

Emily Boerger | Jan 21, 2021 | Washington

A new report from the Urban Indian Health Institute says adequate funding, housing supports, and vaccine hesitancy continue to be key challenges for Native organizations and the individuals they serve. The report, which was funded by the Washington State Department of Commerce through Coronavirus Relief Funds, details the impacts of...[ Read More ]

Senate Labor, Commerce and Tribal Affairs Committee hears testimony on the Health Emergency Labor Standards Act

| Jan 21, 2021 | Washington

On Monday, the Washington Senate Labor, Commerce and Tribal Affairs Committee heard testimony on SB 5115, the Health Emergency Labor Standards Act or (HELSA). The committee heard testimony from around 20 groups about the proposed act. These included labor unions, small business associations, insurance associations and the Washington State Hospital...[ Read More ]

An international perspective on COVID-19 and the U.S.

| Jan 20, 2021 | Washington

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every corner of the world. No country is immune to its influence, although some have handled the situation more effectively than others. Ross Ciesla, chief investment officer at Veritas Investment Partners, Katherine Wilson, author and cultural commentator and Mohamed Abdirizak, foreign minister for the government...[ Read More ]

Leadership in a time of uncertainty with health care leaders

| Jan 19, 2021 | Washington

From PPE shortages, the COVID-19 pandemic, staffing shortages and wildfires, 2020 has thrown as many curveballs as it could to the health care industry in Washington. Gary Kaplan, CEO of Virginia Mason, Ketul Patel, CEO of CHI Franciscan and Beth Johnson, CEO of Coordinated Care, joined us as the final...[ Read More ]

Q&A: Manka Dhingra makes the case for three behavioral health bills headed to executive session

Michael Goldberg | Jan 15, 2021 | Washington

Senator Manka Dhingra is the Chair of the Senate Behavioral Health Subcommittee to Health & Long Term Care. Today, the Committee held public hearings for three bills: SB 5073 (Concerning involuntary commitment), SB 5071 (Creating transition teams to assist specified persons under civil commitment), and SB 5074 (Establishing safe station...[ Read More ]

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