Cambia Health Foundation announces $3 million in grants to address impacts of COVID-19 in OR, WA, UT, and ID

Cambia Health Foundation this week announced over $3 million in grants to support underserved communities and front-line providers. The new philanthropic commitment builds off an existing commitment of $300,000 into shared COVID-19 Emergency Relief Funds announced at the beginning of April.

Of the $3 million in grants, $1 million will go to four community health associations that support Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) in Oregon, Washington, Utah, and Idaho. Broken down, $300,000 is slated for both the Washington Association for Community Health and the Oregon Primary Care Association; $200,000 will go to both the Association for Utah Community Health and the Idaho Primary Care Association.



The COVID-19 pandemic has financially impacted community health centers (CHCs), along with the rest of the health care system, in overwhelming ways. A recent analysis commissioned by the Washington Association for Community Health found that Washington CHCs could see an overall revenue loss of 59%, with over half of the health centers being forced to close by mid-September. These projections don’t account for possible future emergency funding or for possible CHC actions such as eliminating individual programs and services.

Cambia Health Foundation says the donations to the community health associations will be used to “support community health centers across their respective states, combat emerging health and safety issues and ultimately play a vital role in their communities’ recovery.”

The bulk of the remaining grant money is directed to organizations that are developing patient and workforce resources. These organizations include the Center to Advance Palliative Care, the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, and City of Hope/End-of-life Nursing Education Consortium. Funding will also go to VitalTalk, an organization that provides evidence-based communication trainings for clinicians and institutions. Cambia Health Foundation also donated funding to Four Seasons (ECHO Project) and Providence Health Care to support the rapid adoption of telehealth.

To support health care transparency, Cambia Health Foundation also announced a grant to OpenNotes.

“We are honored to support the heroic efforts of the health care workforce to ensure essential needs of patients and families impacted by this national crisis are met,” said Peggy Maguire, president of the Cambia Health Foundation. “Guided by the belief that health disparities are not inevitable, and that all people should be treated with dignity and compassion, our ability to come together during this challenging time provides the opportunity not only to respond to the immediate crisis, but also to sow the seeds for long-term health care system transformation.”