Rep. Caldier previews 2020 legislation

In an emailed newsletter, Rep. Michelle Caldier outlined several health-related proposals she is working on for the upcoming 2020 legislative session. Caldier represents the 26th Legislative District and is the Assistant Ranking Minority Member of the House Health Care & Wellness Committee.


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One bill Caldier is working on would create a business and occupation (B&O) tax exemption for amounts received for providing Medicaid services by providers not affiliated with a hospital.

“This measure would act as an incentive for health care providers not affiliated with a hospital to continue offering services for Medicaid patients. It would also allow these providers to deduct amounts that would have been received from the provision of donated health care services,” writes Caldier.

Caldier notes that she originally drafted the legislation as an amendment to HB 2158 during the 2019 legislative session, but the amendment was withdrawn and didn’t make it into the final bill.

Another bill she is working on, HB 2170, would require health insurance companies to give the attorney general 60-days’ notice before a “merger, acquisition or contracting of affiliation takes place.” Caldier joined Reps. Jinkins, Cody, and Macri in sponsoring the bill during the 2019 session, but it failed to receive a hearing.

“[The bill] would help to deter anti-trust monopolies and ensure an open, competitive health insurance market,” writes Caldier.

Caldier was involved in a similar bill, HB 1607, during the 2019 session. This legislation, which passed and was signed by the governor, requires hospitals or provider organizations to give 60-days’ notice to the AG’s office for a merger or acquisition.

The last proposal that Caldier describes in her newsletter would secure funding to provide group therapy for sexual assault victims in schools.

The 2020 legislative session will begin January 13.