Q&A: Jason McGill on his new position at the HCA

Jason McGill is a long-time figure in Washington health policy, having served as a senior policy advisor on health care at the governor’s office since 2011 for both Gov. Jay Inslee and Gov. Christine Gregoire. McGill recently transitioned to a new position as Assistant Director of Medicaid Program Operations and Integrity at the Washington State Health Care Authority. We caught up with McGill to discuss his new position and what he brings to the role.


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DJ Wilson: What do you expect it will be like on the operations side having worked on policy so long?

Jason McGill: “I worked on the ops side at L&I before joining the Gov’s office, so I had some experience (also business degree etc). I have also for some time been interested in more of a program leadership role, and this opportunity seemed like a good time for a change — after a very successful legislative session, to work with our intrepid HCA director, Sue Birch and nationally leading Medicaid Director, MaryAnne Lindeblad, and to lead a great team with some very serious work ahead. I hope to provide the program an insight to legislative budget and policy that would be helpful. And as Governor Inslee told me, it’s good that you’re doing this to help implement all the good policy we’ve helped achieve. Our Medicaid program is so critical for so many; and it’s important we are good stewards of the state dollars – I look forward to the challenges.”

DW: When did you start at the HCA?

JM: “I started in mid-June.”

DW: How do you see the transition to FIMC having gone now that we are near the end of the process?

JM: “It’s sort of the end of the beginning. Generally it’s going very well. The providers, counties and the plans are well engaged in every region. Just today off a good phone call with King County. We have had many good back-and-forth conversations with the plans as well. There are and will be many issues as one can imagine, but I’m optimistic and focused on mitigating any negative impact for the people we serve.”