DaVita Medical Group announces acquisition of Northwest Physicians Network

On Tuesday, DaVita Medical Group announced their acquisition of Northwest Physicians Network, a Pacific Northwest-based independent physician association (IPA).  DaVita Medical Group, a subdivision of DaVita Inc., acquired the IPA as a means to expand their IPA presence throughout the region.

“Welcoming Northwest Physicians Network to DaVita Medical Group is a key step in growing our footprint in the region and expanding our IPA network from South Seattle down into Northern Oregon,” said Joe Mello, chief operating officer for DaVita Medical Group in a statement. “This means our patients in the region should have a larger network of high-quality, independent physicians to choose from. We’re very excited by this partnership and to be working with Northwest Physicians Network as we build the leading independent medical group in America.”

Northwest Physicians Network is Washington’s largest multispecialty provider network and is comprised of over 900 primary care and specialty physicians in the area.

“As Northwest Physicians Network sought to grow, we knew we needed to find a partner with access to resources, expertise, and, most importantly, an alignment with our fundamental values,” said Scott Kronlund, M.D., president and chief medical officer for Northwest Physicians Network. “With their commitment to physician independence, physician leadership and focus on clinical excellence, DaVita Medical Group was the natural choice for Northwest Physicians Network.”

According to DaVita Medical Group’s press release, this acquisition will also open the door for an expanded partnership with The Everett Clinic, a member of DaVita Medical Group.